Urban Girl Squad is a social networking group in New York City that custom designs events for women in their 20s & 30s. With your free membership, you'll gain VIP access to the city's hot spots and pick up a new set of friends. Let's take the city by storm.
Workshop on Fit with Rebecca & Drew Manufacturing
December 02, 2010
We learned our proper shirt and bra size and how to dress in a way that flatters our bodies using the TrioFit system, a shirt and dress sizing technique based on bra size and height.
Fundraiser: Open-Level Yoga Class and Reception at Pure Yoga for ACE
December 05, 2010
We invigorated our minds and bodies in an open-level vinyasa yoga class run by Pure Yoga. All of the proceeds from the event went directly benefit ACE. Photos by Bianca Thomas.
Night Out with Your Stylist: Discover Your Body Type & Color Palette
December 13, 2010
We met with an expert Stylist & Image Consultant, Silfath Pinto, and learned how to look our best everyday! This event was hosted by Stonehenge real estate. Photos by Melanie Mclean.