Urban Girl Squad is a social networking group in New York City that custom designs events for women in their 20s & 30s. With your free membership, you'll gain VIP access to the city's hot spots and pick up a new set of friends. Let's take the city by storm.
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Elegant Holiday Cooking Lesson & Tasting with the Chefs at GE Monogram
November 07, 2012
We learned how to prepare a turkey or roast chicken, scrumptious sides, dessert and the art of preparing (and drinking!) holiday cocktails! Photos by Beja B
Hottest Looks for Fall: Personalized Style Sessions & Shopping
November 13, 2012
We partnered with Callalilai and the trendy Kim Naci of Style for Hire, to freshen up our fall style. Photos by Nathalie
Spa Night! Skin Treatments & Revamping Your Skin Routine with Origins
November 14, 2012
We enjoyed a night of cleansing, clearing, anti-aging, and dermabrasion while mingling with the ladies of Urban Girl Squad.
Photos by Beja B
Cooking Lesson! How to Create a Week’s Worth of Healthy Dinners in a Snap
November 14, 2012
Ella from The Regal Vegan, taught us cooking techniques to master the art of preparing a week of meals in one short night.
Photos by Bryan Sargent
Rifle Shooting Lesson and Shooting Range Practice
November 15, 2012
After our shooting and safety lesson, we fired 50 rounds at the bull’s eye and showed off your shooting skills at the West Side Pistol Range.
Photos by Bryan Sargent
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