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Urban Beekeeping and Honey Tasting
40 West 68th Street
Are you curious about ways in which to be more sustainable in an urban environment? Do you love fresh market foods? Then join us for a hands-on and interactive introduction to urban beekeeping (yes, that's right…we said beekeeping)! Expert Andrew Coté is a fourth-generation beekeeper, polyglot, and college professor who sells a gorgeous array of local honey at Greenmarkets year-round. He will introduce you to the art of keeping bees in an urban environment and speak about why bees are vital to the environment and the economy. You'll get the exciting opportunity to wear protective nets and practice a "hive inspection", taste delicious fresh honey and ask all of your burning questions (we know you'll have some) during a Q&A session.

Bees are incredibly important to the survival of the food chain and learning about them will be a fascinating way to spend your Saturday! And talk about a cool response when asked by your colleagues Monday morning, "so what did you do this weekend?"

  • A hands-on introduction to Urban Beekeeping
  • The opportunity to taste fresh honey and purchase a jar if you like
  • Q&A time with Andrew Coté
  • The chance to meet other Urban Girl Squad members

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