Urban Girl Squad is a social networking group in New York City that custom designs events for women in their 20s & 30s. With your free membership, you'll gain VIP access to the city's hot spots and pick up a new set of friends. Let's take the city by storm.

For more than five years trendsetting urban girls know where to turn for the best original events, exclusive deals and plenty of mixing and mingling: Urban Girl Squad. We're tens of thousands strong and the driving force behind some of the greatest goings-on in the city. Each event we host is custom-designed by Urban Girl Squad staff for fabulously creative, smart and ambitious women like you. We hit the city's hottest, most talked-about spots, from the restaurant you've got to try to the rooftop you can't wait to check out, then round it out with spas, beauty treatments, networking events, workouts and even a singles party or two. Membership is free, so join now and get ready to experience everything NYC has to offer, alongside the women who make it so great.

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HOMETOWN: Tenafly, New Jersey
OFF HOURS: I'm definitely at an Urban Girl Squad event most nights of the week! When I'm not at an event, I'm usually grabbing a glass of wine with friends to catch up, seeing a movie, taking a yoga class, or, ah, reading a novel that may or may not involve vampires.
WEIRDEST JOB: Probably this one, running Urban Girl Squad. I never dreamed I would have a job where "research" entails tasting wine, trying on lingerie, and meeting some of the coolest women in New York City.
FAVE NYC SPOT: Put me on a rooftop and I am thrilled, even in the winter! The views of the city and the Hudson river never fail to take my breath away.
NICKNAME: "Demanda"

WHY I STARTED URBAN GIRL SQUAD: You, over there, who just moved to NYC? And you, whose friends don't go out anymore? Come meet 18,000 of my best friends. I love connecting people and doing it on a large scale fulfills a lifelong dream of mine. Seeing women create connections at our events that lead to even more new friends, new roommates, new jobs, and even new loves (have you seen our friend-of-a-friend singles party?) is thrilling. Plus, NYC is a blast to explore. My goal is to give women the chance to explore NYC in an accessible, friendly way… with new friends!

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, California
WEIRDEST JOB: Working at Urban Girl Squad. I mean, how normal is it to find a 5'1" bouncer at a party?
FAVE UGS EVENT: The ones that get me out of my comfort zone. I tend to stick with the things I know, so it's nice to have a push to explore the city and try new things. I used to not even take the subway if I had to transfer, but Amanda has taught me the ways of the underground.
DREAM SUPERPOWER: To be invisible whenever I wanted. This way, I can avoid embarrassing or uncomfortable situations. And I'd be able to eavesdrop so easily!
FAVE COCKTAIL: I'm not a big drinker, but I like "girlie" drinks that are sweet and don't really taste like alcohol. I usually just go up to a bartender and say, "make me a girlie drink," and it's pretty good. I'm a lightweight -- one drink is good for me for the entire night.

HOMETOWN: I grew up in Northern Virginia, just outside of D.C. You know, the kind of suburban hell where all the houses look the same and your 4,000-student high school's parking lot looks like a car show. Think "Desperate Housewives" meets "every CW show ever made."
FAVE UGS EVENT: By nature, I'm a sucker for anything outdoorsy, especially if it involves yoga. But if there is a bar, an excuse to throw on a pair of heels, and the potential for a spontaneous dance party, you can find me ordering the next round of shots.
FAVE NYC SPOT: Living in NYC means that I have my own sanctuary. No matter how absurd my schedule gets, I can retreat back to my little two-room studio, away from the sounds of the crazies on the street.
OFF HOURS: "Hi, my name is Lindsay, and I'm a yoga-holic."

HOMETOWN: Chardon, Ohio
FAVE UGS EVENT: I like any event where I come out knowing more about something (business, clothes, make-up, beer, anything!) than when I went in.
IN FIVE YEARS: I'll be thirty, flirty and fabulous. Hopefully I'll also still be working on marketing campaigns, using new technologies, challenging assumptions and finding out more about how effective, strategic messaging works for small businesses.
DREAM SUPERPOWER: The power to never get sick. Did Superman ever get a sinus infection? I doubt it.
FAVE COCKTAIL: KettleOne and soda with a splash of cran and a twist of lemon. It's been perfected through years of sampling.

HOMETOWN: Poughkeepsie, NY
9 TO 5: I am a Graphic Designer and just completed my Yoga Teacher Training.
FAVE NYC SPOT: Right now I'm loving the restaurants Pig and Khao and Boulton & Watts. They both have unique dishes and drinks you can't get anywhere else.
DREAM SUPERPOWER: Teleportation! It would be amazing if I could just teleport myself anywhere in the world at any time. No more rush hours. I could go to New Years in Paris, NYC, China... and I def wouldn't be at work right now!
FAVE COCKTAIL: Anything with bourbon and maybe a hint of ginger.

Ashley Kaylor,
Event Development Manager
HOMETOWN: I'm originally from a VERY small town in CT. So small, it was sold on EBAY, 10 years ago!
9-5: I'm a professional matchmaker and dating coach as well as a speaker, blogger and host for events geared towards single men and women across the country.
WEIRDEST JOB: I'm a licensed exterminator, no joke! It's a long story...
DREAM SUPERPOWER: I would want to fly, no questions asked! You wouldn't have to battle NYC traffic, BONUS!
FAVE COCKTAIL: Does wine count as a cocktail? If so, Pinot Grigio all the way.

Michela Wariebi,
Event Development Manager
HOMETOWN: Silver Spring, MD
9-5: Professional makeup artist and event manager
FAVE NYC SPOT: The Boil on the LES. All the steamed seafood I can dream of!
WEIRDEST JOB: I was an independent sales rep for a knife company. I was basically a door to door knife salesperson.
FAVE COCKTAIL: Vodka and soda with lime. Low sugar and calories, high impact.

Mary Schiller,
Marketing Director
HOMETOWN: I'm a California girl. I'll admit it: I miss the beach. And the sun.
FAVE UGS EVENT: Anything with chocolate -- slather it on. Add to any and all events, please. Hiking and Then Eating Chocolate? Great. Skydiving into Chocolate? Now we're talking.
FAVE NYC SPOT: I love the arts, so I go to the ballet, concerts and museums every chance I get. If I had to choose just one spot, I'd say Lincoln Center. I have had so many wonderful experiences there, especially watching Julie Kent of ABT. Such a beautiful ballerina.
WEIRDEST JOB: Private investigator. The training for the job was absolutely amazing, especially the tricks for getting people to talk and then discerning whether or not they're lying. (And no, I'm not going to tell you what they were. Trade secrets!)
DREAM SUPERPOWER: Invisibility! I'd settle for having Harry Potter's invisibility cloak.

HOMETOWN: Wallingford, CT
OFF HOURS: I love wine, wine bars, restaurants with big wine lists, wine stores...in my off time, I may or may not be enjoying a little vino somewhere in the city.
FAVE NYC SPOT: I love Park Slope. Where else can you go to the park, then the farmers market, then the bar - all with a baby in tow?
WEIRDEST JOB: I worked at a small women's gym on and off for years--and I always wound up with the 5am shift! It took a lot to get perky that early.

HOMETOWN: Lakewood, NJ
FAVE UGS EVENT: Food and wine events. We're foodies in my house!
FAVE NYC SPOT: Soho. I studied at Pratt Institute, back in the day when it was in the Puck building on Lafayette and Houston. I love the galleries, boutique shops and general feel of that area. It has turned a bit more upscale since my college days but somehow still brings those warm feelings back.
DREAM SUPERPOWER: Breathing under water. The only thing I don't like about swimming is that I have to come up for air!

HOMETOWN: Philly -- Go Eagles!
FAVE UGS EVENT: Love the tasting and cooking events! It's fun to explore new tastes while mingling and getting to know other UGS members.
DREAM SUPERPOWER: I would have the ability to teleport myself anywhere in the world, past, present or future. A teleport machine would take all the hassle and stress out of traveling. No more airport security lines!
FAVE NYC SPOT: I love exploring Central Park with my dog. We discover new areas all the time. Until recently, I never even knew there was a fully wooded nature section with dirt paths, rocks and streams (called the Rambles).
FAVE COCKTAIL: Vodka, lime, cucumber and a dash of seltzer. Light and refreshing all year 'round.

HOMETOWN: Maryland
FAVE UGS EVENT: Cooking classes and cocktail parties, because there's nothing better than cooking yummy treats, and mingling with great people! I especially love our poker nights.
FAVE NYC SPOT: Central Park and Bryant Park. Because in the middle of a concrete jungle there is GREEN. Both parks also hold really great memories, and I love picnics.
IN FIVE YEARS: Hopefully running my own business or working in an event planning firm.
DREAM SUPERPOWER: I'd fly. I always had dreams of flying when I was little and it'd be pretty cool to fly around with Superman.

HOMETOWN: Bay Area in California
FAVE UGS EVENT: Hiking, exercise and cooking events. I love being outdoors and enjoying mini adventures outside the city. It's all about balance though-- a girl has to eat!
OFF HOURS: You can usually find me in the pool or in a spin class, hosting a dinner party for friends, enjoying a drink at a beer garden or checking out the latest exhibit at the Met. The best way to explore the city is by walking and checking out various neighborhoods, wandering into random spice markets, restaurants, and book stores.
FAVE COCKTAIL: A good whiskey on the rocks is usually my go-to drink but if there is mezcal on the menu I will order that. It brings back happy memories of living in rural Mexico.

HOMETOWN: Philly!!
FAVE UGS EVENT: Volunteer events! Great networking and giving back, all at the same time.
FAVE NYC SPOT: Rice 2 Riches in Soho! Ever had rice pudding before? Well, this place is so not like your grandmother's rice pudding.
WEIRDEST JOB: I worked at a container company doing market research on innovative containers for products like toothpaste and soup.
FAVE COCKTAIL: Malibu & Pineapple. Like an island in a glass ... and I visit that island pretty often.

HOMETOWN: Littleton, Colorado
FAVE NYC SPOT: It's a toss up between walking around Chinatown - there is always something new to discover - or my favorite coffee shop Oro!
DREAM SUPERPOWER: To breathe under water. I grew up in Colorado so I'm pretty much fascinated with anything to do with the ocean. Exploring every inch of it would be a dream.
IN FIVE YEARS: Traveling the world, running a business, and becoming a world class cook!

HOMETOWN: Falls Church, VA
9 TO 5: I work in sales for a math textbook and software publishing company. Lots of travel and lots of meetings with math professors!
WEIRDEST JOB: I worked at Victoria's Secret through college which sounds relatively normal, but it entailed learning more than you thought was possible about bra technology and using the word 'panty' 100 times a day.
IN FIVE YEARS: As long as I'm still happy, have a work-life balance and am able to travel and explore new places I'll be doing something right.
FAVE COCKTAIL: Anything with St. Germaine, because it makes everything taste like heaven.

HOMETOWN: I'm originally from the former Soviet Union, but grew up in Brooklyn.
FAVE UGS EVENT: I have a moderately unhealthy obsession with skincare products so I love any event related to makeup and makeovers. Plus, it's so fun to just be girly all together. A modern day sleepover!
OFF HOURS: Catching up with friends at a fun new restaurant, going to a boutique fitness studio that I can't really afford and/or watching movies. I have also been trying to cook more.
DREAM SUPERPOWER: Not needing sleep. There are never enough hours in the day!
FAVE COCKTAIL: I love french martinis. They're fruity and sour but also feel a little glamorous to hold.

HOMETOWN: Lancaster County, PA (That's right, Amish Country, and no, I'm not Amish and never have been.)
FAVE UGS EVENT: Beauty events! Spa, hair, make-up, you name it. Spray tanning was particularly memorable. (I'm sure if you are looking at my picture you can see why!)
  WEIRDEST JOB: As a child, I decided to garden for a neighbor to earn money, and quickly learned I am allergic to just about everything in nature.
DREAM SUPERPOWER: Fly! I'd love to learn to fly ... a plane. that is. Then maybe move on to acquiring the superpower.
FAVE COCKTAIL: Anything pink

HOMETOWN: New York City!
FAVE UGS EVENT: I love our mixology events. Its hard to create the perfect hardcore girly drinks and I always walk away with great recipes.
IN FIVE YEARS: I will be creating world peace and curing cancer. Such a beauty contestant question. Did I win the crown?
DREAM SUPERPOWER: Teleporting. I hate public transportation because it's not reliable. By teleporting, I would travel all the time with no jet lag! That would be awesome.
FAVE COCKTAIL: Markers on the rocks. I love my bourbon.

HOMETOWN: The Washington, DC Area
FAVE NYC SPOT: Do I have to pick one?? I think I'm obsessed with the Empire State Building. Every time I get a good view of it I have to take a picture. I also love Chelsea, it's so different from the rest of the city to me.
WEIRDEST JOB: I was a telemarketer for two weeks! People hung up on me so many times...I just couldn't take it anymore!!!
DREAM SUPERPOWER: The ability to teleport myself to different countries.
FAVE COCKTAIL: It's a tie-- Vodka with club soda and lime (less than 100 calories a glass lol) and Mimosas because they make it so appropriate to drink at breakfast!

FAVE UGS EVENT: The cooking classes because everyone enjoys a couple of glasses while getting their hands dirty.
WEIRDEST JOB: I was in the Air Force...need I say more? Uniforms and boots and planes...oh my!
DREAM SUPERPOWER: I'd time travel because its kinda like flying, except you just arrive. No need for wings or takeoffs.
FAVE COCKTAIL: Negroni...strong with an interesting twist.

HOMETOWN: Nashville, Tennessee
FAVE UGS EVENT: I love the spa events! Who doesn't love to get manicures, blow outs, makeup lessons, etc?
OFF HOURS: On the weekends, I am most likely shooting a wedding unless you catch me in January! Otherwise, I'm probably hanging with the hubby and two boxers, watching Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, or Friday Night Lights!
WEIRDEST JOB: I coded accident reports for the state. For me, it was weird! Being at work at 7am when I was 20 was AWFUL!
DREAM SUPERPOWER: Invisibility. I'm curious and would love to be able to sneak around!

HOMETOWN: I am originally from Wilmington, DE, which means I am a diehard fan of the Philadelphia Phillies.
FAVE UGS EVENT: Since everyone has a great time at these events, they are all my favorite, especially the ones where I can sample specialty cocktails. Tough job?
FAVE NYC SPOT: My window, looking down on 2nd Avenue. Teams of dog walkers, posh senior citizens, lone taxis at 3am, and cross-dressing joggers...
DREAM SUPERPOWER: I'm going to be a nerd and go with The Force.
FAVE COCKTAIL: I love a good Old Fashioned. Simple, classic, and strong.

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"Urban Girl Squad is a wonderful way to network without the pressure of a traditional networking happy hour."
- Jennifer
"It is so refreshing to meet friendly women in NYC! Everyone I've met has greeted me with a warm smile which makes me want to return for more events."
- Meryl
"[UGS] does an amazing job coming up with creative, fun events and draws in so many friendly, energetic and like-minded women."
- L.