Restaurant-Quality Mac & Cheese, Made by You! (or me, in this case)

We’re teaming up with GE Monogram this week to host an exciting online Mac & Cheese cooking competition: cook your dish, then post a photo of you and your masterpiece to our Facebook Page along with how you used the recipe. One cook will win a private cooking lesson and dinner for up to four people with Chef Tageré Southwell, executive chef at the gorgeous GE Monogram Design Center!

I’m a mac-and-cheese-from-the-box kind of girl. I’ll melt any cheese on any pasta and call it mac and cheese. To me, cheese + pasta = a winning combination, no matter how you do it. So I was curious to see if making mac and cheese the “fancy” way via GE Monogram’s chef blog would really make a difference.

The answer: hell, yes, it does.

I’ve never been so impressed with mac and cheese in my life. This recipe takes a dish that normally tastes pretty good to something you moan about with each bite. It is gourmet, and it’s pretty easy to make.

(Let’s just skip over any dieting or health implications of making this decadent mac and cheese. Ahem.)

I cooked this while I was vacationing with the family at a country house this weekend. It’s important to me to emphasize that I don’t have floral wallpaper. Let’s get cooking!


Step 1: Get your ingredients. I don’t eat bacon, so I used butter instead. I winged the amounts to what “felt” right, partly because I didn’t have measuring tools in this kitchen, and partly because I’m impatient. Also, yeah, there’s whole milk AND heavy cream in there, and that’s before you add cheese. Remember what I said about ignoring the dieting implications?


Step 2: Sautee some onions and celery. Throw in 2 bay leaves if you want to be fancy. (I can’t say I tasted them in the end, but why not?)


Step 3: Add in whole milk and cream, 1 part milk to 3 parts cream. (Pretend I was using this same pot all along– I had to transfer the celery / onion to this pot after realizing I shouldn’t have used a sautee pan.) I didn’t measure the milk and cream here, and I don’t think you need to be all that precise. Add in some salt and pepper.


Step 4: Cook your pasta. Dump it in the milk / cream sauce.


Step 5: Add in cheddar cheese. A lot of it.


Step 6: Stir, enjoy, and dare yourself NOT to eat the entire pot. Then eat the entire pot.

Thanks to GE Monogram for sponsoring this contest! You still have time to enter and win a gourmet meal for 4 at the GE Monogram design kitchen– cook up any mac and cheese, then post a photo of you and your dish on our Facebook page.

Get cooking!

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