I fell in love with cowboy boots in Texas

cowboy_hatI went to Texas for the first time to celebrate New Year’s 2008. I grew up in northern NJ and moved to NYC for college, and have been living here in NYC ever since. So it’s safe to say that I didn’t know what to expect of Texas. It’s shameful, but yes, I had some images of cowboy hats, Republicans, and Wile E Coyote running through the desert. (Let’s note that I was going to Austin, the most liberal city in the state, not some tiny town.)

Once I arrived in the Austin airport, aside from some dudes in cowboy hats, some southern accents, and a few non-ironic American flag button down shirts, it was all pretty similar to other cities I’ve visited.

(One notable exception: my friend took me straight from the airport to a barn / bar that featured a game called Chicken Sh*t Bingo. That is much like it sounds. There was an actual chicken in a cage crapping on a bingo board. Also, the beers were cheap.)


Cowboy boots in Austin, Texas

We went to a part of town where there are a lot of vintage stores and antiques, and the famous cowboy-gear shop, Allen’s Boots. And that’s when I saw them: walls and walls full of gorgeous, stunning, hand-decorated cowboy boots. At first I just looked and admired the artistry on them. And then, I thought, why not just try them on?

I fell in love with the boots like I’ve never fallen for an item of clothing before. So, I bought them and went home. Right? … No. Do you know how much cowboy boots cost? The cheapest boots in the store were $400. I spent hours in the store mulling this over. Hours! I looked at them from every angle and walked laps and laps around the store assessing their worthiness of my meager paycheck. I decided that this was a momentary lust affair that would pass when I left the store. So I did. Without the boots.

It’s amazing to me that I actually flew home without the boots. Back in NYC, I was still dreaming about them. The artistry! The look! The feel! Surely that kind of joy is worth splurging on? Another few weeks later, I caved and I called Allen’s Boots.  They shipped the boots to me that day.

It was worth it.

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