Urban Girl Squad Working Girls: Career Resolutions

by Stephanie Valente

Setting goals and resolutions are a yearly tradition for some people. While many of them are personal, why not some professional goals, too?

1. Wipe your slate clean and set goals. The great thing about writing down goals is that you can always start over – whenever you want!  Maybe you don’t have the best working relationship with a coworker. Well, no, you’re not going to be besties and chow down on chocolate and frappes together, but put it all on the shelf.

2. Actively pursue your goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Or, maybe you work too hard on certain project and need to relax? Stop stressing, after a certain amount of time, quality work will just not get done. It’s okay to leave and step back.

3. Keep fun in mind. Since we spend so much our lives working, use your career as a point to learn and explore. Can you travel for your job? Take a class? Learn a new language? Meet new and exciting people? The opportunities are limitless and yours for the taking.
If you’re stuck on how to exactly set some goals try this out:

  •  You have to define what you want and how you’ll get it. “Get a big raise,” is too general. How big of a raise do you want? “Increase my salary by $10,000.” That’s specific and a good tool to set you on your path.
  • What do you have to do to get that extra 10k? Those are goals, too. Such as taking a class, taking on bigger projects, etc.

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Stephanie also writes at Girl Friday.

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